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fsa 440

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U.S. USDA Form usda-fsa-440-13 Position 1 This form is available electronically. FSA 440-13 Form Approved - OMB No. 0560-0162 1. FSA OFFICE NAME AND ADDRESS (Including ZIP Code) U.S. DEPARTMENT OF
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hello youtube how you doing so this morning I received a parcel this is something that I forgot I ordered about six weeks ago and it turned up this morning I think I know what it is its a set of arrow bars set of carbon handle bars from my road bike mm yeah I ordered about six weeks ago from China Aliexpress and yeah so lets go ahead and open them up and see what we got inside so I just want to show you guys the sort of packaging when you order something from Aliexpress oh I ordered a couple of things from there so far and the packaging has been exceptional I mean with all this bubble wrap nothings going to get damaged in there very well packaged cant complain about there at all so moving on to the actual handle bars when you take a nap but packaging this is what youve got nicely wrapped up in some foam wrapping some sort of message there Ive no idea what that means so Im going to go ahead and just unwrap this we can take a closer look at what weve got okay guys so Ive unwrapped them these are the handle bars themselves obviously lets have a quick first impressions balance tree now that is a nice Aero profile there I like that I didnt get these because theyre exceptionally light or because theyre Aero I got them because they look cool thats the only reason I like the look of them and so I got them these were just under 22 pounds from China Aliexpress for a decent set of Aero carbon bars these days you can look in between two or three hundred maybe in excess of that and so yeah I took a chance I took a bit of a punt on them didnt know what I was expecting but they do feel quite solid which Im very pleased about on closer inspection I mean first impressions are very good they look cool and stuff but on closer inspection the if I can just focus the holes for the cable routing art is a bit of a mess looks like theyve just been sort of carved out with a bloody kitchen knife to be quite honest yeah that ones even worse Ill have a look at the ones underneath theres no sharp burrs or anything I can feel so maybe itll be alright but and you know youre not going to see the ones underneath there and youre not going to see these ones because theyre going to be covered in tape so yeah excuse me is what youd expect for just over 20 quid really probably more than you know I was expecting a lot worse if Im honest yeah theyre very nice I know what youre all thinking how much do they weigh so lets just bring my trusty scales over Im not going digital scales so these are just my kitchen scales 200 grams pretty much bang on so like I say Im not too fussed about where my say wait Im just look you know worried about how good they look on the bike so there you have it just a quick sort of unwrapping first impressions of some cheap carbon bars from China time will tell how well they hold up on the bike like I say they pull strong enough Ive got no sort of worries Im not a heavy guy on any sort of 11 stones so I dont put a lot of pressure on the bars when I ride anyway...